Assisted Living Community

Let’s start with the Rhoda Goldman Plaza address. Right down in the trendy, yet in a very San Francisco way, classic neighborhood: Lower Pacific Heights and the Fillmore District. True enough, our community sits in the middle of one of the best locales for shopping, cafes, restaurants, and even has a library and park across the street. But its central location is only part of the Rhoda Goldman Plaza appeal.

Walk into the jewel of a beautiful lobby and you’ll see a stunning digital plasma display screen featuring gorgeous digital photos, original art, with a curated museum quality for your visual enjoyment.

By now you’re probably wondering why everyone is smiling? Could be the new art exhibit that’s being readied for this Sunday’s artist’s reception or that the staff is so genuinely present for our residents that it’s hard not to catch our friendly community attitude.

Naturally, the series of upcoming cultural events, the scrumptious daily menu, or the lively bistro café are all part of Living Well With AssistanceSM so residents are able to live more independently. Age? It’s only a number.

At Rhoda Goldman Plaza we see ourselves as younger in spirit where people want their daily lives enriched with museums, film, art, music, cuisine, speakers, authors, and artists.

Come by, take a tour and see why we may be maturing, but who says we have to grow up?