Wow, how time flies.

And if you check out and compare the current offerings of smart watches, you’ll not only be able to tell time, check the weather and download a menu of apps that allow you to do just about everything your laptop, or iPad can perform – and now, healthier care is part of your smart watch package.

Smart watches are now doubling as Medical Alerts but how do you choose the right one for you or your loved one? Nicely, the current crop of smart watches that double as medical alerts look nothing like the often embarrassingly ugly medical alerts of the past (Often the reason most folks stopped wearing them thereby totally defeating the purpose of their medical alert – not exactly smart.)

Tech-enhanced Life offers a deep analysis of 4 products gives excellent insight into some of the subtleties of these products that you need to know about.

Take a read (and a look) at what’s changing in bettering your medical security and safety.