Zero Cases.
We are pleased to announce that our on-site June testing showed zero positive COVID 19 cases. This represents 100% of our staff as well as all private caregivers who work with RGP residents. Additionally, 77% of residents have been tested. These results are very encouraging in the face of the rising numbers of cases throughout California and the rest of the country.

This news also strengthens our commitment to the rigorous screening, cleaning, masking, hand sanitizing, and social distancing requirements that we practice at Rhoda Goldman Plaza.

Meeting The Challenge.
These challenging times require the optimum from our management, staff, vendors/resources, residents and their families. In keeping with our promise of “Living Well With Assistance” we always go a few steps further to meet and exceed our licensing agency’s (Department of Social Services – DSS) policies and protocols to keep our community safe and secure. How proactive can we be? How can we ensure residents of their personal well-being? What can we do to protect our living environment on a daily basis? Our board and management is dedicated to daily procedures that keep our staff and residents informed of changes, adjustments, and decisions that affect our handling of COVID.

The Shifting Sands of Protocols.
Keep in mind that what may be true today can easily be changed tomorrow. As knowledge of the virus improves, effective protocols will change. Residents and families are regularly updated regarding the changes in protocols.

What Rhoda Goldman Plaza Is Doing.
Proactive planning and continued mandatory testing for all staff is keeping our community COVID-free. It also allows us to invite scheduled family visits. Outside visitors to our community are restricted at this time. We are working hard to keep the coronavirus out of our community, while also supervising a certain degree of socially distanced activities for our residents.  Adults over 65 are at increased risk from the virus, but are also greatly impacted by the effects of isolation.

Our successful steps, process and guidelines:

  • Mandatory masks
  • Isolation of any residents with symptoms or residents returning from a hospital stay.
  • Modified, no-contact activities.
  • Tray service for meals.
  • In-room activities via our closed-circuit television channel.Facilitation of Zoom family visits.
  • Supervised, socially distanced family visits.
  • Non-essential visitors are restricted.
  • Monitoring and tracking symptoms.
  • Surveillance testing (PCR diagnostic test).
  • Screening essential healthcare visitors.
  • Screening all staff at start of shift.
  • Frequent hand hygiene.
  • Required use of masks by staff and residents.
  • Isolation precautions for any residents with symptoms.
  • Facilitation of time-off for staff, including a required 2 weeks off for any suspected symptoms.
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection.
  • Avoiding unnecessary resident outings—staff provide shopping assistance.
  • Clear messaging in the community, signage.
  • Training and staff communication regarding protocols.
  • Maintaining communication with residents, families, and physicians.
  • Frequent communication with the Department of Social Services (DSS) and the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SF DPH).

Moving forward, Rhoda Goldman Plaza has implemented a new testing protocol that is more stringent than the most recent recommendations from the Department of Social Services (DSS).

  1. RGP protocol will require surveillance testing of approximately 60 people every 2 weeks (DSS recommends 10% of staff every 14 days).
  2. This testing method will enable us to test over 3x the DSS recommendation and allow for a more frequent snapshot of any potential COVID infections in the community.
  3. This testing remains mandatory for all RGP staff and private caregivers. Residents will still have the opportunity to get tested up to one time per month.
  4. Rhoda Goldman Plaza is committed to protecting community health and safety.  We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to our vigilant staff-members, families, and residents who have been so careful of protocols and respectful of each other’s well-being. 

We continue to be dedicated to the safety and health of both residents and staff. We also acknowledge, and are deeply grateful to, our frontline professionals who deliver unsurpassed care and services to sustain our safe community. Once again, “Here, you’re like family” rings even more true.