As San Francisco’s unsurpassed assisted living and memory caring community one of our foundational pillars in providing exceptional “living well with assistance” is to always offer stimulating programs, events, and a robust texture of learning opportunities — from our deep and long standing association with the Fromm Institute and their live-streamed classes, or to our remarkable curated lectures, through tech workshops, our goal is to deliver extraordinary moments that fulfill, challenge, and perhaps even entertain our residents so they can live their next, best chapter right here at Rhoda Goldman Plaza.

Healthier living and wellness workshops educate our residents on the finer points mental, physical, and spiritual wellness dimensions. A trip to the famed SF MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) or lecture series covering art or history is always on the calendar. Ceramics, gardening, painting, or writing will find a way onto our monthly schedule of events so there’s no shortage of creative pursuits. Naturally, there are also leadership opportunities, so residents are sure to have a platform and a voice. Tai Chi and yoga are popular venues for mind and body wellness, and of course, there’s nothing quite like a good urban walk to admire city sights. Our staff, events, programs, and calendar are dedicated to each and every day, where something new can be learned, enjoyed, and tried. We see learning as a lifelong adventure that’s evolved and takes shape — from classes through events or hands-on demonstrations.

Here at Rhoda Goldman Plaza you’ll discover the daily evolution of learning with a community of people, professionals, educators, and talented artisans who share their knowledge, wisdom, talents, and skills to continually redefine our community as one of the very best in the Bay Area.