You will not find another Bay Area assisted living or memory caring community with the standard of care that continually raises the benchmark. With a professionally trained, higher staff-to-resident ratio, the Rhoda Goldman Plaza community is a cut above and there’s a good reason for it. Over the years, we’ve made staffing an ultimate priority. We know that our friendly, courteous staff really is our community. And our selection of people who work here is always framed with the desire and goal to provide the best for our residents. Always. In concert with our higher staff-to-resident ratio, is our staff tenure. Our staff becomes part of our residents’ lives — we’re happy to report a number of staff members have been with us for over 15 years, and many are celebrating 10 years with us. The benefits of our staff ratio and tenure are obvious.

Our staff really gets to know each and every resident, and even their family members, so the idea of “community” comes full circle when talking to both our residents and our staff. It’s comforting to be greeted, known and assisted by a considerate staffer who makes you feel right at home. From our housekeepers through program advisors and dining staff, they know each and every resident and go out of their way to know a resident’s preferences happy. It’s part of our vision, our foundational values and just one more way we can make our residents feel like family.