Rhoda Goldman Plaza Van

It’s taken quite a bit of coordination, but the smaller Rhoda Goldman Plaza van has been officially “wrapped” with our new graphic identification, to align with our revised branding. Our goal was to stand out from the crowd and be distinct from our competitors. Most vans in our industry either have an enormous logo and name of the community on the side, or pictures of happy people plastered all over them. We took a different approach which could be considered a bit “edgy,” but you must admit, quite elegant in black with our large logo. There’s no mistaking this van in a parking lot!

What is a van wrap?

It is simply a large vinyl graphic or decal applied directly over the original paint. That allows for quick removal if we want to go back to the original look. They last from one to five years and generally do not damage the factory paint.

How is it done?

First, very precise measurements of the vehicle are made to assure the design will fit all the curves and crannies of the vehicle. Then the graphic is printed and laminated to protect the vinyl from abrasions and UV rays that can cause fading over time. Finally, it is installed. Our vehicle took several hours for this process to be completed.

Can we see through vinyl on the windows?

You can see through window graphics printed on perforated window film that has very tiny holes that allow you to see out. From inside the vehicle, visibility is similar to regular window tinting, yet from the outside, the graphic is fully visible.

Now to tackle the big bus!