RGP Tsenku and Menomi

As adult children, we’re one of the fastest growing, most valued, and important segments for marketers in an aging America. That’s great. But we also have more important things to think about. Like our parents. Truth be told, aging isn’t for the weak, but if we look at our parents and see how they’re facing their golden years, we might take a cue from our elders and note what they see as “integral and important” to them in their retirement.

Living Is A Social Event.

Wellness and wellbeing starts with a great community, the real social network where they can share memories, laughs, and the moment that lifts their spirits.
Getting up and getting on with your day, and facing the aches and pains is part of growing old. It’s no secret that if you can stay active your mood and outlook are better for it: join a walking group, get some yoga, or simply start your day with others and enjoy a group morning stretch. Eating better, meditating, getting into a good, well-rounded routine of doing something engaging pays off big; the dividends are enormous to keep joints, muscle, and our brains and spirit active and keeps mom and dad moving forward.

Ask Mom And Dad What They Want.

Aging at home may or may not be the best place right now. Perhaps the conversation might center around living in the family home, or living with a community of like-minded peers who share interests, dining, programs, events, and a host of other community lifestyle benefits. There is no “one size fits all” but there are more options with lifestyle, choices, and a way of looking and living a life in a complete older adult community where most everything is taken care— from health care to traveling with a new group of friends. And most importantly, share a moment with your parents about how good they’ve been to you and how you can return the favor by helping them write their next, best chapter at a great community like Rhoda Goldman Plaza.