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Making the decision to move to an assisted living community can feel overwhelming, because it is. Transitions, changes, and moving into a different living situation complicated by health issues can be a challenge. Considering cost, location, staff, apartment availability, amenities, services, activities, and meals are all part of your checklist.

Fortunately, there are empathic, experienced professionals who can help and counsel to ease the transition.

Today’s assisted living communities offer the community lifestyle where you are part of a “neighborhood” of like-minded community residents who share mom and dad’s life. This social connectivity is proven to be a truly important ingredient for wellness and wellbeing. The adage, “it takes a village” is not far off from the benefits of a connected community where people watch out and care for each other. At Rhoda Goldman Plaza we are always living up to our promise of Living Well With AssistanceSM by offering the very best in older adult living.

Here’s a look at the top ten reasons why a trusted assisted and memory care community like Rhoda Goldman Plaza could be the best move ever.

  1. No need to maintain home – maintenance-free living is a real advantage
  2. Community and social connections – being part of the “neighborhood” keeps mom and dad well
  3. Programs that stimulate – always learning, active minds are young minds
  4. Predictable costs/expenses – foresight and planning are big for future thinkers
  5. Healthy, nutritious and well balanced meals – you are what you eat
  6. Health and wellness activities – every day and in every way stimulate endorphins
  7. 24/7 safety and security – important for stress-free living
  8. Caring and supportive staff – ask if the community has a tenured staff
  9. Access to healthcare – peace of mind is part of your community
  10. Not a burden to family – what every older adult wants