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See why Rhoda Goldman Plaza remains unsurpassed as the jewel of San Francisco’s
Assisted Living and Memory Caring Communities.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza Lobby
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The RGP Care Spectrum

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Assisted Living

Living Well With Assistance ℠ helps maintain and enhance lifestyle in your apartment while remaining active and involved. Starting at $6,586, Single Rate.

More About Assisted LivingMore About Assisted Living

Memory Care

Higher staff to resident ratio; therapeutic programming overseen by RN, MFt, licensed Vocational Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants. Starting at $9,314.

More About Memory CareMore About Memory Care

Included in your monthly fee: three meals/day, weekly housekeeping, linen service, daily bed-making, trash removal, pre-scheduled transportation to medical appointments, daily exercise, art classes, on and offsite programming/lectures, lifelong learning, with the access to additional help with activities for daily living (ADLs) at additional cost.*

*Cannot unbundle services for reduced cost

Living Well With Assistance

Rhoda Goldman Plaza takes a different approach to assisted care. The foundation of our San Francisco assisted living community is the principle of continuing and improving life in all its vibrancy and possibility.

We believe our residents are the heart of a dynamic and vital community. Our mission is to support and inspire our residents to continue leading quality lives, with a level of service and assistance that reinforces their independence of spirit.

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s senior assisted living community offers a combination of spacious accommodations, first-class amenities, exceptional social life and dedication to each resident’s physical and mental wellness.

With our exceptional staff-to-resident ratio, we make a special effort to know each resident of Rhoda Goldman Plaza on a deeper level. We work to ensure all our tenants have the assistance and communities they need to continue living life on their own terms, and to be part of a family-oriented community built that values and respects each member of it.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s range of services is tailored to meet the specific needs of all its residents. Along with our comprehensive assisted care program, our San Francisco memory care community offers thorough and attentive care for the challenge of age-related memory conditions.

Strengthened by our core principles, acclaimed professionalism, and deep regard for the sanctity of every human life, Rhoda Goldman Plaza strives to build the most welcoming, diverse and supportive San Francisco senior community.

About assisted living

Assisted living is more than just providing long-term, baseline care for seniors. It’s about helping them to continue living their lives to their fullest potential: growing their interests, forming relationships, and building a lifestyle that’s genuinely meaningful and rewarding.

Our San Francisco assisted living community offers round-the-clock supervision and help, using each resident’s personal needs as a foundation by providing for health requirements, medication, and care. Just as important is offering an environment that supports residents' independence, self-respect and freedom of choice, and establishing a community that encourages a real enjoyment of life.

Assisted living is for seniors who have developed certain daily challenges, such as with mobility or self-care, that benefit from professional and humane comfort and support, but who still want to maintain as much independence as possible.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s combination of homelike accommodations, unbeatable location, attentive and considerate staff, exceptional food and amenities, diversity and cultural principles make it the most ideal San Francisco senior community for assisted living. Our programs and amenities for residents include:

  1. Around-the-clock checkups and monitoring
  2. Assistance with personal care, including dressing, bathing or toileting
  3. Supervision of medication levels and schedules
  4. Quality breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, with additional food options from The Café
  5. Enriching programs, cultural excursions, clubs, and events
  6. State-of-the-art physical fitness communities
  7. Full housekeeping services, including laundry and apartment cleaning
  8. Daily transportation for shopping, appointments or trips

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s continuing dedication to the whole-life wellness of our residents is part of our effort to be the most complete and hospitable San Francisco assisted living community.

Memory Care Service

The onset of advanced age can bring about more challenges in the area of memory. Patients who develop Alzheimer's disease, dementia, cognitive impairment, and other memory-related conditions can receive the benefits of assisted living communities, paired with specific attention to their circumstances.

Memory care entails a few additional levels of service and resident security. Living communities for memory care patients are designed to keep them from roaming off-premises, and supplementary measures such as tracking bracelets may be used to monitor movement. Special care may be necessary with food service to account for some memory care patients’ struggles with tableware. Daily routines are planned with the extra goal of reducing the anxiety or stress many memory care patients suffer from.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza takes the special needs of such patients into deep consideration, making it the preferred San Francisco memory care community. The Terrace is a special community of residents occupying our community’s fourth floor. This distinctly designed environment caters to the specific needs of our memory care patients, with enhanced security and stimulating activities. The Terrace operates using the same principles as the rest of Rhoda Goldman Plaza, treating each resident with respect, dignity, appreciation, and compassion.

Why Our Community?

While we’re proud of our management, staff, and our incredible residents, we also know how important fresh, wonderfully prepared food can be, so we produced delicious  “Dreamy Food” videos that we think are pretty tasty.
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About Rhoda Goldman Plaza

Our mission is to support the San Francisco senior community through our core values, and our belief in Living Well With Assistance. The services and amenities we provide to reach that goal include:

  1. Apartment living. Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s spacious and stylish apartments enhance the freedom of independent living with the easy accessibility and service expected from a top senior community. Our studio, alcove, and one- and two-bedroom apartments include kitchenettes, bathrooms, and walk-in showers. Housecleaning, linen service, and upkeep are fully provided by our devoted staff.
  2. Dining. Everything on Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s menu is 100% kosher and entirely made on the premises from locally sourced ingredients. Our breakfast, lunch and dinner items are frequently updated with new choices and served between 7 am and 7 pm. Residents can also find snacks, coffee, lighter meals, and more at the Café.
  3. Activities. Rhoda Goldman Plaza residents have the advantage of living in the dynamic city of San Francisco—there are always plenty of cultural and recreational events in the immediate area, and our seniors take several local excursions. We also offer active and engaging activities such as lectures and classes, music performance, exercise and fitness, clubs and committees, games, dancing, book clubs and more.
  4. Health services. We offer care services on an individualized basis to reflect the varied needs of our residents. We craft a personalized health plan and provide fitness facilities, weekly well-being clinics, and a convenient wellness office on each floor of our community.
  5. Help staff. Our experienced assistants regard each of our residents with compassion and sensitivity at all levels of need. We help our tenants with escorting them in and out of the building, showers and dressing assistance, and bathroom or incontinence support.
  6. Accredited nurses. Rhoda Goldman’s nursing staff offers quality care that compares favorably to any San Francisco senior assisted living community. Our nurses help develop each residents’ medical plan, supervise each medication program, monitor our guests’ vital signs and wound care, and are available round the clock.
  7. Social environment. We aspire to make Rhoda Goldman Plaza a community rather than just a community. Our residents come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, and we encourage sharing and interacting with each other to build a neighborly and uplifting atmosphere.

We believe Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers a complete and rewarding experience that’s entirely unique among San Francisco senior assisted living communities.

Advantages of Rhoda Goldman Plaza

Our professionals have made great efforts to establish Rhoda Goldman Plaza as the top San Francisco assisted living community. We offer a tier of service to senior residents that offers multiple advantages and ensures they receive the most complete and compassionate care.

  1. Higher staff-to-resident ratio. Rhoda Goldman maintains a deep rotation of trained professionals to ensure every resident gets the specialized attention they need from people who know them personally and treat them with individuality and respect.
  2. Hourly checkups by certified nurse assistants. Our staff keeps a dedicated schedule to ensure each resident is receiving the care, security, and consideration they need.
  3. Around-the-clock access to licensed nurses. When our residents need emergency care, advice or check up on their vital signs, they can reach our fully accredited staff of nurses and assistants 24 hours a day.
  4. Constant availability of therapeutic programs. Every resident has unrestricted access to our dedicated lineup of treatments, classes, and clinics, including physical fitness, wellness, brain health and much more.
  5. Convenient and vibrant location. Our home is positioned right in the heart of one of the most dynamic cities in the United States, with a wide range of dining, shopping, cultural and entertainment choices no more than a few blocks away.
  6. Commitment to Jewish principles for all faiths. Rhoda Goldman Plaza relies on the traditional tenets of compassion and understanding to provide the highest standard of care for people of all backgrounds, creeds, and beliefs.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza strives to sustain a high level of care that’s as dynamic, personal and honorable as the senior community we serve.

What’s New in Our San Francisco Senior Community?