You Want to Do The Best, Right Thing with Dignity,
Respect, And Love For Your Parents.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza has been working with adult children and their parents with information,
ideas, resources, and steps based on not-for-profit values and ideals that put family first.

We’ll Work With You To Assist
Your Planning And Decisions.

Truth be told, you are not alone. The ever-increasing aging population require families
just like yours to face the very same issues and challenges.

We’re Here With You.

Our well-recognized community and its programs, staff, cuisine, and services
are here to make you and your loved one feel like family.

We’re Always Earning Your Trust.

“It’s impossible to measure our appreciation for the staff’s caring efforts to keep him safe, nourished in
mind and body, and safe even when his condition precludes his ability to understand those efforts.”

Let’s See How We Can Help.

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