Redefining assisted living in San Francisco

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s purpose is helping seniors with "Living Well With Assistance.” To us, that entails more than fulfilling the basic needs of our senior residents,  which is evidenced in every touch point, from the moment you walk in the door, to the beautifully designed, light-filled lobby, to our chef-prepared cuisine, cultural activities, and lifelong learning programs.  Living well with assistance means providing our residents with opportunities for personal growth, companionship, quality relaxation, and enjoyment.

We believe that meaningful self-discovery can occur at any age. Rhoda Goldman Plaza is designed to allow our residents the chance to learn and socialize more easily, to make special connections with a variety of people, ideas, and adventures. That mission makes us unique among all providers of San Francisco senior assisted living.

What makes our San Francisco assisted living community special

Rhoda Goldman Plaza considers our guests to be more than just individual residents—we envision them all as part of a strong, bonded community. That approach directs our care and planning.

We emphasize honoring all our residents. We respect and value their rich and diverse backgrounds and emphasize sharing their unique experiences by concentrating on social activities and events.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza creates opportunities for cultural enhancement with a range of activities, events, lectures, and educational opportunities. Our warm and secure environment allows our guests to enjoy life and build relationships with great mobility and access. The value we place on our residents and our interest in their history help distinguish our San Francisco senior community.

What makes our San Francisco senior community unique

Rhoda Goldman Plaza is in the heart of San Francisco, home to one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Few locations offer such breadth and depth in lifestyles, arts, and happenings. Our residents’ opportunities for a vast variety of experiences are as close as their apartment doors.

Our community is based on the values of the Jewish faith. As such, we welcome members from all backgrounds and traditions without discrimination. The diversity of Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s residents is one of the core reasons our community is so strong.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza focuses on social interactions between our residents. Friendships take on significant importance at our residents’ stages of life. We take pride in giving our guests the chance to learn and grow from sharing their experiences and making new connections.

Why to choose Rhoda Goldman Plaza for assisted living in San Francisco

We provide a warm, safe, and nurturing environment for people from all walks of life. Rhoda Goldman Plaza welcomes members of all faiths with the singular goal of giving them more freedom and opportunity to enjoy the richest stages of their lives.

We provide a wide range of choices for self-education, growth, and cultural events. Our community has access to stimulating and elevating activities that are only available in a city with San Francisco’s natural vibrancy and possibilities.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s living spaces are constructed to make our guests’ mobility easier. Our comprehensive and sensitive care is set up to address all our guests’ material and physical needs. We’re firmly devoted to giving our residents the security and freedom they need to relax and live an enjoyable life.

We’re especially qualified to care for our community’s health. Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers several levels of health services and aid, tailored to the specific needs of every guest. We help our residents with customized wellness plans, regularly scheduled monitoring of vital signs, weekly clinics, and a fully-equipped fitness center.

Care-taking, convenience, and comfort make up only a part of Rhoda Goldman Plaza's purpose. Our larger goal is to build a vibrant, active, and engaged San Francisco senior community that offers companionship and independence to all its treasured individuals.

A San Francisco assisted living community that’s like family

Our community welcomes people of all faiths and is predicated upon the values of honor, respect, dignity, and service.  Every person in the Rhoda Goldman Plaza community is treated like members of a family. We value each resident’s presence, honor their traditions, and appreciate the individual gifts their lives have to offer.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza welcomes guests from all backgrounds. We’re grateful for a community without prejudice or discrimination based on color, race, gender, faith, history, or background. Diversity is the backbone of our San Francisco assisted living community—sharing is its strength.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s family approach is a key factor in recognizing the significance of every person we care for. Our amenities and activities are geared toward making all residents feel at home. Relationships and connections are pillars of strong families, and they’re where our focus lies.

The Café

With select farm-fresh ingredients, we offer simpler fare, created in a superb kitchen staffed by cooks and chefs who love food. For those who desire a more flexible schedule, we offer no set mealtimes in our all-day café.  Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s in-house eatery, The Café, gives our residents a unique choice for simple, healthy food on the go. The Café offers beverages, fresh coffee, snacks, pastries, desserts, breakfast, and lunch in a casual, relaxing environment.

Just like our regular meal service, The Café’s menu consists of food made entirely from scratch by talented professional chefs. The Café menu is available all day, so our guests can enjoy nutritious and tasty food without having to worry about set mealtimes.

Superior dining options for San Francisco senior assisted living

Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers our residents an ever-changing variety of food options that’s second to none.  Our guests enjoy nutritious and appetizing meals and snacks prepared by professional chefs with fresh, local ingredients.  Our dining service supplies healthy meals every day between 7 am and 7 pm, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and between-meal snacks. Guests can enjoy their meals in communal areas or the privacy of their suites. We also offer a choice of beverages and locally-produced wine and beer for our guests.

Choose from a number of satisfying options on our kosher menu every day.  Of course, each of our guests has special dietary preferences or requirements which must be met, and our talented chefs have risen to the challenge. Our food offerings cater to those who like or need various kinds of diets, including:

  1. Kosher
  2. Vegetarian and vegan
  3. Gluten-free
  4. Dairy-free
  5. Paleo
  6. Low-fat
  7. Diabetic

We regard our food service choices as opportunities for our residents to socialize over a satisfying and wholesome meal. Our food service staff even offers catering for private events our residents may have.

Our chefs are always developing new dishes from different food traditions that give our guests the choices and varied tastes they enjoy the most.

Sample Menu.

“Living Well With Assistance”

Rhoda Goldman Plaza has invested its resources and time toward an assisted living program that's as distinctive, caring, and unique as our residents. Contact us to learn more about San Francisco’s most welcoming and vital senior community.

Questions & Levels of Care

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